St. King Stephen’s chapel

A small beautiful chapel in the Badacsony hill.

A new chapel rises on Badacsony Hill. It does not provide a spectacular view, nor does the scenery.
The place where the churchyard was built became known as an upper colony in the first half of the last century. It used to be a mining scene. Those who lived and worked here were far from vacationing. The basalt mine is no longer in operation, and the mountain is beginning to regain its original beauty. The chapel marks the beginning of a new era, while its basalt stones tell of the past. Erzsébet Udvardi, Kossuth Prize-winning painter, was a beloved resident of Badacsonytomaj and wanted to build a chapel on the hill of Badacsony in honor of St. Stephen. The most beautiful spot in the chapel was an altar painting by a painter, on which our first king offered the country and crown to the Virgin Mary. The church was dedicated by Peter Erdő land in honor of St. Stephen in August 2014.


You can view St. Stephen’s King Chapel by prior arrangement on the following phone number:

LÁSZLÓ NAGY : + 36 / 30-4470904

Further information can be obtained from the chapel at St. Imre Church, Badacsonytomaj, + 36-87 / 471-250;