Káptalantóti Oven House és Craft yard

The House of Dough is a keeper of traditions. Oven-baked delicacies are here every Sunday.

Káptalantóti Oven House és Craft yard – Káptalantóti Kemencésház és udvar


In Káptalantóti, next to the Liliomkert Market, we welcome our old and future guests with traditional, home-like flavors. Here you can find our main product is hand kneaded, oven baked, spelled breading(langalló).

Most of the healthy, backyard ingredients used for flavoring are sourced from local producers: homemade goat cheese, smoked sausage, bacon, vegetables. The second main product is a homemade strudel with various uniform flavors of pumpkin-poppy, cottage cheese, dill-cottage cheese, sour cherry, plum-cinnamon. Our strands have a unique taste in the neighborhood of an oven.

They can quench their thirst for sale with home-made beer, lemonade, and “specialty options” and melon lemonade, all of which provide an aesthetic experience.

Our hot kitchen garden, starring in a huge oven. This is where the delicious roasts, such as Duck Roast, with oven-spicy potatoes and steamed cabbage, crisp.

In addition to the traditional ingredients, we also enriched our ingredients with dietary, alternative ingredients. We also use natural sweeteners, coconut milk and gluten free flours.

More information:
Adress: Káptalantóti, Petőfi str. 3.