Csobánci Handicraft Delicacy (Csobánci Kézműves Csemege)

Taste the flavors of Csobánc!

On the eastern side of the Tapolca Basin, to the east of the village of Gyulakeszi, Csobánc Hill of volcanic origin rises in the basalt rocks and forests, with numerous bird rarities and a magnificent view of the Tapolca Basin and Lake Balaton. We succeeded in buying this beautiful gem in 2013, with vines and fruit trees. We took the estate as a recreation and processed the fruits of our trees for our own enjoyment, but consciously avoiding preservatives and additives. At first, only our acquaintances and friends got a taste of our pantry shelves, which, to encourage them, and as a big step towards self-sufficiency, we soon offered our wares on the market of Káptalantóti.


The fruits are cooked in the old, traditional way, in a wood-fired pan, in a cauldron, and jam-free with added sugar and sweetener, which we try to make in a new, more modern flavor combinations, with spices and herbs.


We produce a wide range of vegetables from which we make delicious toasts for toasts, baguettes, but also pickles, pasta sauces, pesto and spicy-spicy chutney. From the spices of our spice garden, spice mixtures, spices,homemade teas are made.

We do not use any preservatives or thickeners to make our products, so the fruit and vegetables are 100% pure in our glasses, along with our love and energy.


8286  Gyulakeszi 58. Kossuth Street.
Phone:+3620 273 2359