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Badacsony Winetaxi

In Badacsony Region we transport families and friends to the desired cellar, restaurant, beach, sightseeing by minibus for 8 people. Badacsony Bortaxi: Door to door! Cellar to cellar!

Badacsony Winetaxi (Badacsony Bortaxi)

Passenger transport by minibus for 8 people in Badacsony Region!
Comfortable, air-conditioned Renault Trafic minibus for 8 people in the Badacsony Region and around Lake Balaton.
Discover the cellars, restaurants, beaches and attractions of the Badacsony Wine Region so that you don’t have to concentrate on driving, we will take you to your desired destination. We take door-to-door delivery of family and friends.


The use of the Minibus requires prior appointment.


Vizkelety István
Phone: +36-30/9395-346
E-mail: vizkelety.dori@gmail.com
More information: www.badacsonybortaxi.hu