Szegi Family Farm

The family farm in Lesenceistvánd, 20 kilometers from Badacsony, processes the milk of its own cows. Their fresh cheeses can be grilled, but they are matured in cellars for several months.

Szegi Family Farm (Szegi Családi Gazdaság)

At the request of their acquaintances, winemakers have embarked on cheese making and have since developed a wide selection. They have natural, smoked, pumpkin-seed, bear-garlic, chive-garlic, dill-garlic, and slightly spicy Hungarian and red wine.

They make fresh and long-ripened cheeses. In winter, their main occupation is spectacular pig slaughtering and smokehouse making. In the summer, the cheese is valued and produced on the farm.

More info:
8319 Lesenceistvánd, Kültelek 0130/12.
tel: + 36-70 / 542-5175