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The Brin Garage-Bike Shop -Service and Rental in Szigliget awaits its guests. Services: Bike rental; – Bicycle Repair; – Sale of bicycle parts, equipment, accessories…


Bicycle: With a lot of positives in mind, it’s interesting to think about choosing this mode of transport. It facilitates employee walking, interprets leisure activities and sports, is sustainable and not least environmentally friendly. For all this, a good service background is essential, as I believe that a properly selected and well-tuned bicycle will provide safety, satisfaction and joyful use every time you hit the saddle.

In my shop, I am looking forward to my current and future clients with new and used bikes for sale, refurbishment, full service, maintenance, sale of accessories, accessories, and rental bikes and trailers. I also help with custom requests: selection of bicycles, custom painting and construction.


More information:
Brin Garage
Szigliget, Külsőhegyi road 64.
Phone number: 20 / 275-75-54
facebook: Brin-Garage
Opening hours:
Shop: Monday-Friday 9.00-17.00 Sat. 9.00-13.00
Sunday closed (I can contact you on the above telephone number if required)