Our wines

Now let’s have a fancy wine tasting and we’ll be inviting our dear readers.

The line opens from the French land PINOT GRIS – Szürkebarát. Its high extract content, harmonic alcoholic acid ratio, makes it round-spherical. Wine poured into the glass like oil is cute greenish-yellow, sparkles and moves. Depending on the vintage, it is sometimes dry, sometimes slightly sweet, but always full of heavy wine. Like fire, it flows through blood vessels, making it unique in its aroma.

His partner is the Kéknyelű, the new ruler of Badacsony. It is grown only here. Ancient Hungarian breed. The elegance and delicacy of its acids, its masculine character, its length (Codaile’s value) are a special bouquet and wine. It produces little fruit, but in Badacsony it is still the most important variety!

The dominant species of the hill is the Olasz Riesling. Due to its balanced yield and high quality wine, many plant it. The color of its wine is greenish, its scent is a harmonious unity of landscape and variety. It has a pleasant aroma, slightly reminiscent of cedar, with pleasant almond bitterness. Its acids blend perfectly into the wonderful harmony of body, alcohol, fragrance and flavor.

Budai Zöld: Although its name refers to a different landscape, as it was once cultivated in the vicinity of Buda, it was transferred from there to the Badacsony wine region, its most prestigious location on the Badacsony basalt. A good variety of good vintage. It has a strong acidity, a fresh fresh taste, and a delicate aroma and aroma. It is a dry wine with “40 drops” before soup and has an excellent dietary effect.

Rhine Riesling (Rajnai rizling) is one of the most typical wines of the region. It has long been known in Hungary as a special dry wine. The wine has a delicate scent and aroma, usually hard character, its acids are delicate and harmonious.

Perhaps the most popular – especially among ladies – is the Badacsony Muscat. Colorful golden yellow. In addition to its intense scent, its special charm and success are due to its pleasant sweetness.

Some noteworthy varieties: Zeus, Chardonnay, Juhfark