Tourists have a beautiful view from the terrace of countless private accommodation and guesthouses. Wonderful mountain paths offer great opportunities for easy walks, but tougher hiking trails expose brave entrepreneurs to many challenges.

It is located on the western side of the Badacsony Mountain on the slope of the mountain, which is the most used holiday resort these days. Administratively, the zigzagged streets of the settlement belonging to Badacsonytördemic, on the one hand, strive towards Lake Balaton, and on the other, they cling to the mountain between vineyards and ancient wine cellars.

The Római road leads through both settlements, which was an important trade and transport route already in ancient times. Nowadays, it is a road lined with cellars, where you can come and taste the delicious wines of the well-known wine farmers. This road is also part of the Balaton Bike Road through Badacsony.



Eco-touristic Visitor Center in Badacsonyládbihegy

The Visitor Cenrte by the beach –opened in 2014- introduces specifically the geological physiognomy of the region, the natural assets, the flora and fauna. If you are interested in aquatic wildlife of the Lake Balaton, be sure to look for it! The guests can learn about the natural values ​​of the area. Audiovisual tools, films, text and picture documents, as well as exhibits complete the showrooms. Visitors to the venue can hike dry or on the water. You can also spend time on the beach.

In summer, canoe renters at the Visitor Center can practice their skills on the lake’s water and, in addition to beaching, spend time hiking.

Further information:
8262 Badacsonylábdihegy, Strand (Beach)
+ 36-30 / 599-2846


Badacsonylábdihegy, Chapel of St. Ignatius
The present neo-classical chapel with a front garden on Római Road in Tördemic was built between 1847-50 by lord Károly Eszterházy with the consent of the vineyard owners. It was consecrated on July 31, 1850 in honor of St. Ignatius. The small church has a single-nave, semicircular sanctuary with a single onion-shaped canopy tower.
In his sanctuary, a baroque altar, above the entrance on the west side, has a gallery, which is supported by tympanum columns along the corridor between the two benches. The mass is held in the chapel in the summer.  The chapel is currently a branch of the Badacsonytördemic Parish.



Lead: At the Lábdi Market, guests can sample and buy quality food from local producers, including fresh vegetables, succulent fruits, artisan cheeses, dairy products, homemade syrups, jams and other home-made products.

Taste the flavors of the Badacsony region!
Buy directly from local producers at the Lábdi Market, where everyone in the family can have fun. Visitors are welcome with homemade flavors, product tastings, cultural programs, and children with petting zoo and handicrafts!

Open: Middle May- October first Saturday : every Saturday from 7am to 12pm

Badacsonylábdihegy, promenade by Herczeg Ferenc Strand Phone number: + 3630 / 443-6836