Ábrahámhegy is one of the most popular bathing/swimming areas of Lake Balaton, because its mountains are semicircularly blocked from the west and north, protected from the winds, and on the other hand it is situated in a valley so its climate is warmer than its surroundings.

Ábrahámhegy is on the north side of Lake Balaton, along the main road No. 71. It is on the half-way between Badacsony-hill and Révfülöp, about 5-5 kms away from both places. 2,8 km long shore, 7 km2 field and 5 km2 surface belongs to the village.

The entrance of the beach and the waterblock were completly renewed and the beach-territory enlarged so that the people taking a sunbath were not disturbed by ballplayers. The capacity of the beach is 1060 persons. In the front of the beach there are a charged parking lots for 50 vehicles. The shore offers ideal possibilities to fishers for doing this fine sport.

Beautiful spots in the village: from the hillside thereis a wonderful view over the wavy ridge of the hill of Révfülöp, which is reflected in the waterin Pálköve. You are enraptured by the view of volcanic remains of the hills in Boglár and Fonyód. You can also see the most dominant hill of this area, Badacsony, the conces of Tóti and Gulács hills. Starting from 2002 this wonderful aroundpanorama can be admired from the viewpoint on the Bökk hill. All these hills wiht Káli basin seems to be wihtin walkingdistande of Ábrahámhegy. At the western outskirt of the village is Bagolykő-Rózsa-rock wich was formed by wind and rain into rock-formation. St. István chapel stands on chapel hillock, bordered by Badacsonyörs, in the middle of the picturesque background. There is a beautiful view over the area from the St. István chapel, built in 1757. Its sanctuary in the nave is segment-arched closed. The wall, facing south , is decorated by semicircular windows. There is a crucifix with an inscription, 1850 on it and a funeral next to the historic building. Inthe high street- Patak street – St. László catholic church was built andconsecrated in 1986. Its altar-piece was painted by Erzsébet Udvardi. The Calvary, next to the church, was done by Róbert. Csíkszentmihályi. There is Jakab Fülöp chapel, wiht grapeyards around it, built in 1614. Wonderful windows in roman style decorate its southern side. Patak and St István völgyi street lead to juniper trees, which are at the beginning of the street to Kőhegy (many many huge stones on and in the ground) and to Káli basin. Remains of Pálos monastery are only 1 km away from here. That was built in the 12th century in a valley on the north side of Kisörsi-hill. In Salföld there is a major under conservation showing the nativ fauna of the Upper-Lake Balaton National Park and a special arboretum at the Bagolykő-Rózsa-rock introducing the flora.

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