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An unparalleled outdoor “escape room” city exploration game program in Badacsony!

First in Hungary: a city explorer, detective mobile app with an augmented reality (AR) experience, exciting historical and cultural background information that you won’t find in travel guides.

  • WHO IS IT FOR? – Loving couples, groups of friends, families (min. age 16+), holidaymakers, wine lovers and more …
  • WHAT DO WE OFFER? – 3 hours play and an unforgettable experience for a group of 2 to 5
  • HOW CAN YOU PLAY? – on any Android, iPhone mobile phone or Android and iPad tablet once you bought access to the app
  • For more information: https://nyomozzvelunk.hu/en/mobile_scavenger_hunt_game/badacsony-kekesdy-7746/

Email: hello@nyomozzvelunk.hu
Telefon: +36 20 9441 207