Rolling excitement! Unique in Badacsony! From the center, from the taxi stand, you will find the typical mountain taxi, which traverses the winding, steep hillside to the cellar, restaurant and the Szegedy Róza House.


For those who love special excitement, we recommend the use of mountain taxis, which run through the Badacsony Region and pass the winding, steep hillside. The taxi station is located in the center of Badacsony, on the Dísz Square, but it is possible to order a house by prior arrangement!
With an open off-road vehicle you can get up to the mountain faster and have an unforgettable experience!
Travel can also be complemented by a mountain cruise, which can take you to places you may never have. If you’re looking for a thrilling, fun, unforgettable mountain travelling, give it a try! Travel with the open jeep and discover the sights, wine cellars and natural beauties of the mountain.


Prices: One way up the mountain: 5000.- Ft / car
In case of a circle sightseeing tour, advance appointment is required, the price is 9000.- HUF / car, approx. 15-20 minutes.
6 people can comfortably fit in a car.

Interesting information: Uaz mountain taxis have been in operation in Badacsony for over 50 years, and in 2016 their fleet was completely renewed, with new UAZ Hunter vehicles coming straight from Russia.


Further information:

István Vizkelety – mountain taxi 6
+ 36-309395-346
Passenger transport by minibus for 8 persons, subject to prior arrangement.
more information:

Demjén Tamás – mountain taxi 7
+ 36-30 / 954-2518