Dear Fisherman! Below we have collected the places where you can change your local fishing permit in Balaton, where you can find fishing places, fishing shop in Badacsony and its surroundings.

We recommend these fishing spots in the Badacsony Region:

– Badacsonytomaj Beach (mid-September to mid-April)
– At Badacsonytomaj beach you can rent a fishing stand at the ticket office for 3500.- Ft.
– Ábrahámhegy Beach (pre and post season)
– On the quay of the Badacsony Sailing Port
– The pier of the Badacsony harbor, without disrupting ship traffic.
– Révfülöp sports field and the pier, fishing on the beaches in the low season.
– Badacsonylábdihegy Beach (1 October – 7 May)

Fishing is possible from the shore, from the piers and from the boat.

Anyone on the shore of Lake Balaton can indulge in their passion for fishing, who has a fishing exam, a state ticket and has redeemed the Balaton area license, which is available in 24-hour, 72-hour, 10-day and annual versions.

The Tourinform office in Badacsony has the possibility to exchange the Balaton area fishing license. In order to change the daily ticket required for fishing at Lake Balaton, the angler must have a 2020 state ticket and catch log.

Tourinform Badacsony 8261 Badacsony 14 Park Street. tel: 87 / 531-013

Type and prices of Balaton area tickets:

Coastal Area Ticket:
At Lake Balaton, 1500 meters from the shore to the water from the shore, or from an unregistered craft, fishing (no pulling!) prices:


Coastal Adult Youth (14-18)
24 hours  2.500 Ft  1.000 Ft
72 hours  4.500 Ft  2.000 Ft
10 day  7.000 Ft  3.000 Ft
annual 26.000 Ft  10.000 Ft


General Area Ticket:
Balaton has the right to fish from a small vessel or a higher category (with a registration number) and inline fishing in accordance with the regulations described in the separate Annex.


General Adult Youth (14-18 years)
24 hours 4.000 Ft 2.000 Ft
72 hours 7.500 Ft 3.000 Ft
10 day 18.000 Ft 7.000 Ft
annual 60.000 Ft 22.000 Ft


Children ticket between 3-14 years 1.500 Ft.

Fishing shops where you can buy an annual state ticket and catch log:

Ponty Fanatik Fishing Shop
H-8258 Badacsonytomaj, Tájház str.
Open: May – September
Monday-Friday: 8.00 – 12.00; 13.00 to 16.00
Saturday: 8.00 – 12.00
Phone: +3630 / 523-0514 (Zoltán Tóth)

Szegi Sport and Fishing Shop
H-8253 Révfülöp, Csárda road nr.1.
Tel: +3687 / 463-028
Open: All year round