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Bicycle Routes

The Lake Balaton cycle path is 231 km long, from Balatonakarattya to Balatonakarattya. The bike path also touches Badacsony.

From the direction of Szigliget, at Badacsonytördemic, the bicycle path turns into the Római road, and you can make a very nice excursion by touching Badacsonytördemic – Badacsonylábdihegy – Badacsony – Badacsonytomaj.The distance is 8 km. There are many sights on this section that make the cyclist stop and rest. The view of Lake Balaton is beautiful, but the Badacsony Hill with its basalt organs, the vineyards on its slopes, and the smaller/larger cellars, where the tired wanderer is welcome, offer a magnificent view.

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